What Makes A Good-Looking Award?

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Lasercraft has been creating quality recognition awards for over 30 years. Our clients frequently ask us to help with the design. What colour, shape, material, or message will better convey the importance of the award? With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing awards with wood, acrylic and other materials, we have the expertise to ensure that our clients receive the right product for their needs.

What does experience mean?

It means that we match our clients’ needs with their brand. It means that when we get a brief from the client, we don’t just provide them with an off the shelf imported product. We create an offering that will match their branding or theme. It means that we listen and create and don’t just regurgitate the same so-called ‘tried and true’ designs.

What makes an impressive award?

So, what makes an impressive award? What makes an award something to be coveted? A good design has balance, aesthetics, harmony between various materials, and simple lines, that makes a statement.

If you are looking for that ‘wow factor’ then you should look for ‘uniqueness’. Look for an award designed specifically for an individual event.

As an example, all the awards that the Australian Timber Design Awards use are all made of timber. This is in line with their brand and serves to enhance their image.

How about an award that leaves no doubt as to why it was awarded? This unique fishing award was presented to the winner of a game fishing contest by the organiser.

Another example is a design for a commercial explosives company. This design leaves no doubt as to what the company does and is ‘on brand’ for them.

A third example is producing a product that matches the company image. Our Kenworth Trucks award is an illustration of this. We custom made an image of a Kenworth truck that the company uses as recognition for its clients.

These awards are made in consultation with our clients who were looking for something unique and not ‘off the shelf. Although pre-designed awards are great for companies on a tighter budget or time schedule, nothing shows off your brand more than a custom corporate award.

Does size and price matter?

Sometimes the size of the award alone delivers the required impact. What could be a better testimony to an individual’s excellence in their profession than a very large award for everyone to admire?

Of course, the budget set by the organisation for the recognition of their top company or industry achievers will impact on the size, design and material used for an award.

Spending more isn’t necessarily the best option. However, one must always keep in mind that the ‘top’ salesperson of the year selling over $1m would not expect to be presented a $50 generic glass award. They would expect an award of significance to match their achievement.

What about Quality?

We are often asked about the quality of the products we produce. It seems that many of our clients have been affected in the past by poor quality imported products. These products are cheap and look good initially, but they do not stand the test of time. Most imported products are mass-produced and are identical. The jostling they experience during shipping sometimes weakens the structure and lessens the award’s lifespan.

Quality is without question paramount. Handmade Australian designed and manufactured awards exude quality and will definitely have a long lifespan decrying the achievement of the recipient.

Why is optical-grade acrylic better than glass or crystal?

When deciding on the material of the award that you want to present, many choose to think of glass or crystal as historically that was what large trophies were made from.

The truth, however, is that glass and crystal cannot be shaped economically.

You can achieve superior design using Optical Acrylic. Optical-grade acrylic as the material can be hand-shaped or laser cut whereas glass and crystal cannot. Acrylic engraves deeper and cleaner than glass or crystal, so it catches the light and gives dimension to the engraving.

What other material can be used?

Many clients are choosing a more natural and sustainable material for their awards. The most sustainable and unique material is Timber. Timber offers a variety of finishes dependent on the species of tree used.

Wood can be used as a feature on the award or it can be the main body.  Laser engraving and timber work very well together. It is often recommended to have wood as the main feature to make the award stand out from the multitude of generic trophies and awards that are on the market.

What about branding?

Finally, how about the company logo? Should it be very dominant? Subtle? How to best use it on your awards depends on why you are giving the awards. For example, if you are an industry association then having your logo prominent sends a message to all who see it that the recipient has been acknowledged by their industry peers for their excellence. If you are a corporation recognising your own internal employees for their contribution to your organisation, then having the recipient’s name and their achievement prominent and your logo more subtle would be appropriate. This way their peers will easily understand what they achieved. After all, they know what company they work for.

If, however, you want to reward a client or a channel partner for achievement, then you may want to ensure that your company logo is the most dominant feature. Perhaps design the award in the shape of your logo. That way the client or partner will always know that of all their suppliers you recognised their dedication to your company.

We will guide the client as to the best application for their logo based on the design of the logo as well as the award materials used. When you are choosing to recognise achievements or milestones rest assured that partnering with Lasercraft will ensure that you tap into the expertise you need to make your presentation stand out.


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