Why Buy Australian Made Products?

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There are many reasons to buy Australian-made products. I can hear many of you saying, “Aussie products are generally more expensive than imported products of the same type”. I concede, often, the ‘perception’ is that imported products are less expensive. Yet, factors like quality, supporting the local economy, sustainable production, and ethical manufacturing, need to be included in the conversation. If we look at price alone, we must acknowledge while profits of the sale of the product may remain in Australia, the cost price of the product is repatriated to the country of manufacture.

In this process, Australia loses out on the employment and taxes generated by local manufacturing. It is also important to note the loss of technological advancement within the Australian manufacturing industry. As the economy of scale reduces, there is little appetite by manufacturers to invest in new technologies and increase efficiencies.

There are other compelling reasons to buy Australian-made products. Ninety per cent of Australians are more likely to buy Australian-made products than those from overseas, a Roy Morgan study has found.
Australians love their country and most of us feel privileged to live here. Buying Australian-made gives us a sense of patriotism. We feel we are helping fellow Australians and our country.

Another reason to consider is confidence in the delivery schedule. The majority of imported products come in through shipping containers.

The World Shipping Council conducted a study between 2008 and 2019. They were able to estimate on average a total of 1,382 containers lost each year which disrupted the delivery schedule for those waiting for products.

It is often difficult to plan forty to sixty days in advance. Once you have your plan sorted you want to make it happen with the least fuss.

Let’s use the recognition industry as an example (which happens to be the industry the Lasercraft is in). Imagine you have planned and arranged a Sales Conference or Gala Presentation. You decide to use a supplier who imports awards to save a few dollars. The event staff organise the recognition products weeks in advance although in the week before you even there is a delay with your delivery. The day before your big night you still have not received your awards. Thus, you have to resort to the backup plan – a  bottle of fine wine to replace the award.

This scenario has happened often. Local Australian manufacturers can guarantee your requirements will be met in full and on time.

Three final reasons why you should be buying Australian-made products:

1. You know your products will be safe and meet the Australian standards

Australian standards are amongst the highest and safest in the world. It is very difficult to guarantee the ethical, sustainability, and human rights standards for imported products. Buying Australian made means less risk, more security, and guaranteed worker conditions.

2. You can enjoy quality customer service

With Australian-made goods, you can rest assured your warranty is genuine. Contacting a local company for support is usually much easier than trying to get resolutions from an international supplier. If something does go wrong with your product, you can get it sorted quickly. This is especially relevant when it comes to any maintenance, servicing or repair issues.

3. You will be supporting the local economy

Simply, every dollar you spend on Australian-made products goes directly into your own community. This supports local businesses, creates jobs for our citizens and creates more tax revenue to improve our infrastructure.

When you buy Australian made you know that you are getting a high-quality product built to last. Every time you buy Australian made you support jobs, economic development, and prosperity in Australia. This has a flow-on effect that positively impacts all families and local communities.

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