Lasercraft’s Supported Employee Program

Jessie Sim

What Lasercraft’s Supported Employee Program Involves

Lauren Richardson is the Program Coordinator at Lasercraft and is responsible for managing the organisation’s disability services. She explains the program that Lasercraft provides for supported employees.

“There are a variety of jobs available at Lasercraft, ranging from those with easy tasks to those with more complex tasks. All staff begin with easy tasks and are gradually given more difficult tasks where possible.” Lauren explains.

Beginners’ tasks include simulated training work tasks, involving sorting parts into the correct bags. The next step involves labelling products, removing labels from products and shredding paper. The more senior tasks include more challenging work involving electric saws and sizing, creating and painting products.

“After three months of working at Lasercraft, supported employees have a meeting with myself and their parents and carers to set employment goals,” says Lauren. “Once those goals have been set, I work with the staff towards achieving those goals.”

When a worker wants to move on to more challenging tasks, Lauren liaises with the support staff in the factory to set up the training. The worker will then be buddied up with someone who already knows how to do the task in order to learn how to complete the task themselves.

Lasercraft also provides two employee representative positions for which workers are nominated by their peers. They can then run for the employee representative positions for that year, with the employees with the highest votes being elected. The employee representatives attend the Board of Director meetings, present a report to the directors regularly and help with the preparation and planning of social events.

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