Celebrating 30 Years!

As the General Manager of Lasercraft, I am proud to celebrate Lasercraft’s 30th birthday!

When Lasercraft was founded in 1988 the vision was to build a sustainable, commercial business with the purpose of providing employment opportunities for people living with intellectual and physical disabilities. Over the past three decades we have realised that vision, providing employment opportunities to around 100 employees, some of whom have now been working with us for 15 to 20 years.

At Lasercraft, we strive to provide a safe place for our supported employees to not only work but also to develop themselves as individuals. The social interaction experienced on a daily basis provides our employees with wonderful opportunities to interact and communicate with a large variety of people.

Parents and carers can see a change in our employees after they have been working here for a while, thanks to the positive environment Lasercraft provides. It is clear that they are happy, appreciated, and engaged in their work.

In order to achieve our vision, Lasercraft has set high standards for the quality of our products. They are superior to other products available on the market as they are made from premium materials, have intricate engraving, and are both designed and manufactured on-site.

Lasercraft is always looking to the future, focusing on increasing sales in order to offer more opportunities to people with disabilities. Our employees are the heart and soul of Lasercraft, and no effort is spared in ensuring they are provided with the best possible quality of life.

We hope to be able to celebrate another 30 years of providing meaningful employment and training to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities.


Peter Britton
General Manager

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