Natural Champion

Natural Champion

Part of our Champion Series, this unique timber award has been designed exclusively by us. Give your employees a product to represent their corporate achievements.

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Lasercraft is known throughout the industry for our expertise in designing and working with timber. We call this award the Natural Champion Recognition Award. Part of our Champion Series, this unique award has been designed exclusively by us. Each piece of wood used is carefully hand-cut and polished and as unique as the tree it came from. Your message is laser engraved into the award. When you are looking for a timeless, one of a kind award, you can't pass this by.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia


Product Specification:

  • Natural Timber
  • Laser Engraved
  • Various Timbers Available*

*sizes may vary dependent on individual timber.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 8 × 25 cm

Corporate Awards are part of rewarding and recognising employees’ success. They are a great way to boost productivity and self-esteem. It allows individuals or teams to feel a greater sense of appreciation and achievement for their hard work.

We have a range of quality products designed for recognition and rewarding employees for their hard work. You can chat with our resident graphic designer to develop an award or plaque specific to your organisation.

When recognising the ‘Best of the Best’ you need something truly awe-inspiring. The Champion series is a collection of awards that are meant to stand out. Like their namesake, our Champion Awards surpass all rivals.

Every Champion award is over 30 cm in height and symbolises the pinnacle of an individual’s achievement. These awards are elegant and proven designs that anyone would be proud to receive.

These are significant awards that highlight the recipient’s importance to your business or association. These awards are elegant and proven designs that anyone would be proud to receive.

Lasercraft presents our Natural Series. These designs have been created using all-natural timber in an attempt to capture the stunning beauty of nature. Each piece is individually hand made. The natural grain of each piece of wood is highlighted and enhanced to reveal its natural beauty. No two pieces are alike.

If you are rewarding excellence, then you cannot go past this series of product. Perfect for acknowledging any person that is successful in an endeavour, or as we say, acknowledging “A Natural” .


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