Ice Award

The Glacier is our most popular award in Lasercraft’s ‘Ice’ Series. Similar to the Ingot. The Glacier is created from Optical Grade Acrylic and has a classic design that has been in style for decades. Simple and elegant, the Glacier stands as a testimony of achievement and determination. The chipped edge is a symbol of your constant toil to achieve excellence. An excellent award choice for employee, client or individual appreciation.

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  • Ice
  • Corporate
  • Hand Polished Optical Grade Acrylic
  • Hand Chipped and Flamed Edge
  • Laser Engraved or Colour Printed Desing
  • Australian Made
Colour Options: 
  • Jade (Green)
  • Azura (Light Blue)
  • Small – 115mm x 80mm x
Product Type: 
Corporate Usage: 
Rewarding and recognising employees’ success is a great way to boost productivity and self-esteem. It allows individuals or teams to feel a greater sense of appreciation and achievement for their hard work. Ensuring you motivate, appreciate, and reward your employees is just good business. All Lasercraft Corporate awards and plaques are made right here in Australia from the highest quality materials. We have a range of quality products designed for recognition and rewarding employees for their hard work. You can chat with our resident graphic designer to develop an award or plaque specific to your organisation.
Ice Series:
Ice can be stunningly beautiful and quite varied in its appearance. From the tiniest, most intricate icicles covering our windows to massive stalactites and stalagmites forming inside Siberian caves, frozen water has a way of becoming truly mesmerizing. This is the inspiration we have used to design our Ice Series. All hand made in Australia, each of these beautiful awards are unique. No two are identical. This makes these awards an excellent way to recognise unique accomplishment.

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Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm

Medium, Small

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